Drive Alignment With OKRs

Inspire all your teams to work towards a common business objective, with a structured OKR framework.

Revolutionize your business results with OKRs

  • Set ambitious goals
  • Prioritize what matters the most
  • Ensure alignment of team goals and business objectives

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OKR Alignment - Business mission

Communicate business vision, mission and strategy across the teams

OKR Alignment - strategic goals

Set objectives and key results in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals

OKR Alignment - Multiple teams

Create alignment between multiple teams or functions

OKR Alignment - Track goal progress

Track progress on the aligned goals

OKR stretch Goals

Set strong and ambitious goals that boost business performance

OKR tool for focus

Tailor the OKRs framework to fit your organizational needs

OKR for business goals

Prioritize your business objectives

OKR for employee engagement

Facilitate focused conversations and drive employee engagement

Objectives and key results for trasparency

Improve business results with clear and transparent OKRs

objectives and key results - clarity

Create clarity and bring all the teams onto the same page

objectives and key results initiatives

Drive radical clarity on both goals and actions

objectives and key results - career progression

Ensure that workforce has a clear direction for their career progression

Elements of OKR

Help agile teams adjust and adapt to change quickly, reducing risks and waste

Elements of OKR - accountability

Motivate workforce to own OKRs

Elements of OKR - Transparency

Create OKRs that demonstrate the vision of the organization

Elements of OKR - value driven goals

Encourage teams to work towards value-driven goals where everyone is accountable

Adopting OKRs: Increased Focus, Better Engagement, and Higher Performance

Powerful Modules Of Unlock:OKR

People Map

Creates visibility to Who is doing What

UnlockOKR modules

Goal Map

Identify all stakeholders working on a common goal

UnlockOKR modules - team alignment

Align & Assign

Simplifies bottom-up alignment and top-down assignment

UnlockOKR modules - goal assignment


Open communication channels between cross-functional teams

unlockOKR modules - feedback cycles


Intuitive dashboards helps you focus on what matters most

unlockOKR modules - goal reporting

AI Insights

Predict outcomes for your goals and objectives

UnlockOKR modules - outcomes culture

OKR Examples and Templates

OKR Examples for Customer Success Teams

Improve User Experience
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UnlockOKR Examples for Customer
March 31


Upadated: 20 days ago

Reduce average application response time to <300ms

March 31
Upadated: 2 Months ago

Increase code review time by 20 minutes each day

March 31
Upadated: 20 days ago

Reduce average lead time to X

March 31
Upadated: 20 days ago

OKR Examples for Engineering Teams

Delight the customer
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UnlokOKR Engineering teams


Upadated: 20 days ago

Net retention rate remains over 100%

March 31
Upadated: 2 Months ago

Increase NPS of clients by 20%

March 31
Upadated: 20 days ago

Increase rating of "easy to work with" on Capterra by 20%

March 31
Upadated: 20 days ago

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