Unlock:OKR And
Medium-sized Businesses.

Established organizations use OKRs to focus on the outcomes they need to break away from the crowd and establish themselves as a category leader.

Why OKRs For Medium-sized Businesses?

In Small and Medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs often prefer taking all the responsibilities on themselves, rather than assigning it to their management teams. This has direct effect on the business outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to find a framework that fits in easily and encourages entrepreneurs to assign responsibilities and seamlessly keep track of the progress.

The OKR framework is the ideal tool that mid-sized businesses can use to clarify goals, inspire their business and drive results. With OKRs,
  • chevron_right Prioritize business objectives among the seemingly endless list of to-dos
  • chevron_right Align team goals with business objectives
  • chevron_right Track the goal progress and make more informed decisions
  • chevron_right Drive collaboration among teams with goal cascading

OKR Challenges Facing Medium-sized Businesses

One of the most common issues faced by medium-sized businesses is the lack of a formal structure and resources that facilitate it. So, there are a few challenges these businesses face when implementing the OKR framework into their work processes.

OKR Training

It is important for employees to receive training on the importance of OKRs to help them align their individual goals to the business vision.

Unrealistic Goals

One of the most common issues all kinds of businesses face during implementing an OKR tool in their organization is, setting goals that are too easy to achieve or too unrealistic in terms of accomplishment.

Only Top-down Objectives

Bottom-up traction isn’t seen often when teams are initially introduced to OKRs. OKRs are supposed to be a mix of bottom-up and top-down.

Focusing on Tasks

OKRs aren’t just task lists. They can give you in-depth insights of what kind of goals work for which teams and how you can utilize them to improve workforce performance.

Unlock:OKR For Medium-sized Businesses

Unlock:OKR is a comprehensive OKR tool that drives business performance and guarantees the adoption of OKRs in your organization. With its unique OKR Success Model, Unlock:OKR helps you organize all your business goals and focus on outcomes.


It is easy to bite off more than you can chew when you are aiming for hyper growth. Unlock:OKR helps organizations prioritize their business objectives


Unlock:OKR ensures that all your teams and workforce are aligned to the business goals


Unlock:OKR helps businesses implement the OKR framework smoothly into their work processes.


Unlock:OKR helps businesses pivot at the right time and helps them adapt to changes fast enough, without hampering business productivity.

Top 4 Unlock:OKR Benefits For Medium-sized Businesses

While large organizations are typically risk-averse and can be slow to adopt spearhead technologies, mid-market businesses are more inclined to embrace technology as a tool to enable innovation and unlock growth potential. Here are the top 4 elements of Unlock:OKR that medium-sized businesses love.

  • chevron_right Cascading Objectives across teams
  • chevron_right Measuring the progress on OKRs: Reports – Analytics
  • chevron_right Microsoft Outlook and Teams integration
  • chevron_right Bottom-up alignment and top-down assignment