OKR Software.

Making it easier to adopt OKRs by leveraging world-class technology that is as powerful as it is intuitive.

Benefits of Unlock OKR Software

Unlock OKR software was designed to improve adoption of OKR, nothing more and nothing less. We don’t think you need hundreds of features to implement OKRs. You need a handful of features which are intuitive, integrated, and intelligent.

Intuitive User Interface

OKRs are designed for all employees in an organization, making it difficult for mass appeal in an OKR platform. Unlock:OKR has been rigorously tested by users of all ages and digital backgrounds to ensure users can start using the tool on Day 1 without countless user-training sessions or demos.

Integrated Flow of Work

Successful OKR implementations require an almost “invisible” experience which is designed to work around our digital lives. Unlock:OKR integrates with platforms that employees use the most to create a true “in the flow of work” experience, whether you are on Jira, Slack, or Teams.


Data is cheap, information is expensive. Unlock:OKR gives instant access to actionable insights for CEO, Managers, Individual Contributors through role-based dashboards that can be customized further based on the uniqueness of your organization.

Features of Unlock OKR Software

  • People Map

    Creates visibility to who is doing what
  • Goal Map

    Identify all stakeholders working on a common goal
  • Align and Assign

    Simplifies bottom-up alignment and top-down assignment
  • Reporting

    Intuitive dashboards helps you focus on what matters most
Measurable Performance Impact

Unlock Marketplace

The Unlock Marketplace was designed to help organizations create an integrated product to support workforce transformation. All applications are designed for seamless integration within the Unlock ecosystem with minor modifications to support your unique requirements. We are constantly creating new applications to support our promise of unlocking potential, so check back often to learn more about how to leverage the power of your existing Unlock OKR software, and to hear about special pricing for purchasing a bundle.


Lightweight learning portal designed to streamline the delivery of training and development solutions, while increasing transparency to key stakeholders


Robust employee development portal that comes pre-loaded with AI curated content around specific topics, customized to the user’s role and management level within an organization.


AI powered chatbot that can live on top of any Unlock or digital application to improve engagement on the platform with personalized conversations, while decreasing the cost to support with intelligent search and automated conversation routing.