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Tech Leaders use Unlock:OKR to achieve ambitious goals

As a tech leader you have most likely heard of the different goal setting frameworks like SMART Goals, EOS, KPI, V2MOM and are even possibly using one. This corroborates with the fact that the technology sector is more goal-oriented than most other departments. In fact, over 80% of technology professionals use a goal setting methodology in their day-to-day work and spend time every week to check-in or update their goals.

Some frameworks like SMART goals are focused on the individual while others like The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) are designed for entrepreneurs and the founding teams needs.

In today’s dynamic work environment where technology and product teams are global, work across different time-zones, part of the team works from home while some geeks enjoy working from an office or co-working space, using a goal framework that accommodates the business and individuals’ needs is fundamental.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) – The goal management framework built by techies

OKRs originated at Intel by then CEO Andrew Grove and was popularized by Google as it was used since it’s inception. Since then a ton of tech companies are using this framework to run their business.

OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results where Objectives answers the WHY and Key Results capture the WHAT. The methodology has a cascading effect and by design has a lot of positives to offer which we will explore in the next sections.

The OKR Journey for Tech Leaders

Choosing the right OKR Product

With over a dozen products to choose from, it often gets confusing. Do I choose a feature-rich product or go with one which ensures the OKR initiative is successful?

Tech leaders who evaluate Unlock:OKR decide to move ahead for 3 reasons

  • 1. Unlock:OKR is a lightweight product, flexible
  • 2. Unlock:OKR offers custom-built integrations for your tech stack
  • 3. Unlock:OKR offers an Implementation Plan to provide a white-glove experience

Can I Blend OKRs with my existing goal setting framework?

Not everyone is ready to hop on to the OKR Bus. Some of us are hesitant and would like to take it slow.

Does this lessen the impact of OKRs?


At Unlock:OKR, we have made sure that our product is designed for the hardcore OKR Fans and those who are getting started.

You get the ability to set objectives that are Aspirational (read Big Audacious Goals) or Committed (similar to KPI’s)

Here is a detailed post on how one can make OKRs and KPI’s work together

How long does it take to set-up?

If you and your team are familiar with OKRs, the setup is going to be a breeze.

This is not the case with most tech teams.

Typically, we recommend 60 to 90 days for a team to adopt OKRs.

Yes, there is going to be a learning curve but we will hand-hold and ensure you don’t make rookie mistakes.

Our implementation plan has been designed for just this reason

My team has no clue “How to Write OKRs”

The key to successfully adopting OKRs begins with writing a good one.

Here is a cheat sheet we’ve created for you

And here are a few examples to get you inspired

OKR Examples for Engineering Leadership

Objective 1: Boost efficacy of QA processes to boost prduction
Key Results:
  • 80%-unit test coverage surged from 55%
  • 100% QA processes standardized before a release
  • 1 bug in production decreased from 3
Objective 2: Build a high-performing team to grow business via increased production
Key Results:
  • 15 new engineers hired
  • 15% improvement in performance metrics for all employees
  • 40% of coding employees attained skills via organizing coding events
Objective 3: Improve system reliability to ensure high-quality output.
Key Results:
  • 70% productivity increased from 50% by deploying modern software and tools
  • 3 software configurations and system utility training
  • 5 failure rated during peak hours to be reduced from 15


We know tech teams LOVE (and hate) Jira and spend a considerable amount of time in it. If you are looking for someone to advocate you getting off JIRA, don’t look here.


Implementing OKRs in Jira will many times get you further away from your goal of implementing OKRs.

Can you do it – Yes

Will your OKR initiative be successful – No

A similar tool like Jira is Excel or Spreadsheets.

We have multiple CEO’s and tech leaders who tell us,

“We want to switch from Jira or excel because

     - it’s not scalable

     - there is no reporting “

Unlock:OKR’s product experience is always going to triumph a Jira experience by a mile. Period.

The OKR Impact

Ultimately, OKRs help tech leaders work “ON THE BUSINESS”.

A successful OKR implementation will transform the way tech and product teams’ function.

With tech and product teams spread across the globe, working different time-zones, the biggest benefit a tech leader can provide the team is making sure each team member knows WHY they are doing what they are doing, ensuring the teams energy and effort is ALIGNED to one common goal and bring in razor sharp FOCUS by design.

Business Impact for Tech Teams that choose Unlock:OKR

  • 1. See Lesser attrition
  • 2. Quickly Build a Highly Engaged team
  • 3. Create a Transparent Work Culture
  • 4. Hire high quality talent easily
  • 5. Build a High Impact Team
  • 6. Achieve ambitious goals consistently

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