Why is CFR necessary for an organization?

In today’s changing workforce culture, where transformation continues with the growth of the employees, every employee looks for a company with a clear purpose and mission. They want to be a part of an organization where they can express their opinion freely and receive high-level feedback. They can thus understand if and how they are making an impact in accomplishing their company’s goals.

Typically, to keep employees highly engaged, we deal separately with our employee recognition and communication approach. Recognition, though, must be ongoing and genuine and part of the flow of human interaction amongst your team members. It creates authentic ownership of your culture and purpose because your employees publicly acknowledge and reinforce your company values.

Communication, just like recognition, shouldn’t only come from top-bottom. Providing peer-to-peer communication makes your organization more transparent and gives visibility to those who want to share their successes and innovation and receive feedback.

Benefits of CFR

CFR is an engagement tool that provides a platform for discussion around your OKRs.


  • Provides more opportunities to interact, like with comment threads and reactions that help liven up any regular update.
  • Portrays a clear picture of the team and individual goals.
  • Motivates employees and helps build a relationship.
  • Helps employees express their ideas openly, leading to the scope of innovation.
  • Maintains transparency so that everyone is aware of what an individual is working on.
  • Simplifies the way of delegating activities and managing conflicts.
  • Enables users to express their opinion freely via making comments.
  • Boosts growth through discussion on goal updates.
  • Helps understand the psychology of an individual.
  • Aids to focusing on the pain points of the contributor(s) for the team to figure out how to achieve a given goal by overcoming those pain points, resulting in the team and individual productivity.


Feedback is a two-way approach that helps to improve a user’s productivity.

  • Boosts an employee’s morale, productivity, and commitment.
  • Builds emotional intelligence.
  • Strong feedback loops strengthen relationships among employees, increasing their resilience to change or adversity.
  • Encourages behavior change of employees and helps them improve it.
  • Aids team leaders endanger trust and inspire better performance from their teams.
  • Assists in measuring the feedback.

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