How to start a conversation?

Conversation can begin for a particular OKR once the OKR is created. As the conversation for OKR is public, besides the OKR owner, a contributor can be a part of a conversation.

  • Once an OKR is created and saved, navigate to the self OKR dashboard or an individual’s OKR dashboard. Click on the CFR icon to view the existing conversation and start a conversation.


  • A right drawer panel will open, where you can view the existing conversation or start a new conversation.


  • To start a new conversation, click on the text box with an add icon.
  • Type a message. A message can be edited as required. You may also tag any individual in your conversation and click on the tick icon to save the conversation.


  • Once a message is saved, you may edit or delete the conversation. To do so, click on the kebab icon in the top right corner of that conversation.


  • Please note: Anyone in the organization will have access to the conversation section in every individual’s dashboard. Everyone can thus engage in the conversation. By liking a conversation by clicking on the like button, they should be able to express their sentiments about the same.

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