Why should we adopt OKRs?

Turn good ideas into excellent execution using the OKR framework. High-growth organizations drive results with OKRs and KPIs. Google, LinkedIn, Oracle, Netflix, and Amazon are a few such organizations.

  • OKRs Help in Goal Formulation

    When using objectives and key results, you define the objective first. After defining the objective, think of 3-5 key results (KRs) that may help you attain the objective in the best possible way. As you progress on your KRs, you accomplish your objective. Besides, an OKR tool ensures that individual OKRs are well-aligned with your organization’s goals.
  • OKRs Aid in Tracking and Assessing Progress

    The best part about using OKR software is that it enables you to track your progress. You can see who is working on what and often check your progress on your KRs. Besides, as you assign an objective to someone in your or another’s team, you can track and measure their progress on the KR. This tracking feature of the tool guarantees the timely completion of your OKRs.
  • OKRs Help in Re-evaluation and Stretching

    Individual and team OKRs are subject to re-assessment. You may modify your objectives and key results within an OKR cycle, typically a quarter. Never hold on to objectives that are irrelevant or unattainable. At the end of the OKR cycle, assess if you could accomplish your objectives. If yes, celebrate your success and challenge yourself to implement aspirational OKRs. If not, set your goals realistically for the next quarter.

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