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    Unlocking Potential and Transforming Business with OKR Framework

The powerful goal-setting and performance management OKR framework supports the four superpowers- Focus, Alignment, Agility, and Rhythm to better equip for business transformation and achieve measurable outcomes. From focusing on your priorities and creating alignment from CEO to junior employees to establishing a battle rhythm and business agility to meet the changing needs, the OKR framework serves it all! These superpowers enable organizations to adopt an outcome-aligned approach while bridging the gap between strategy and execution and meeting the right vision and purpose.

The key presenter of the above video, Sriraj Mallick, CEO, Infopro Learning, talks about the increasing utility of the OKR framework as an Operating System and how it enables new-age organizations to unlock success by setting ambitious goals and delivering improved results.

The agenda of this video is to unlock-

  • The history of OKRs and business benefits of the OKR framework
  • Four superpowers of the OKR framework that drive business success
  • The utility of OKRs as the Operating System for your organization