June 10, 2021 10 AM EST

Getting Back on Track with Goal Setting: What’s next for businesses and leaders?

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It feels great to set inspiring goals. But today, as we live through a global pandemic, it has become important to address the physical and mental toll that goals are taking on us. Learning how to set goals in uncertain times takes some flexibility and practicality.

According to a recent McKinsey study, when rolled out correctly, goal setting helps improve employee motivation in a way that benefits a team’s overall performance. After all, the natural outcome of impactful goals is to support the growth and development of employees themselves.

Attend our expert webinar on June 10, 10 Am EST and understand what’s next for business leaders and how to get back on track with OKR methodology for goal setting.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to motivate and inspire your employees with goal setting during uncertain times
  • How leaders can strive to create challenging stretch goals in partnership with their teams to inspire commitment and ownership.
  • How to adapt to different work routines with OKR methodology

Featured Speaker:


Dr. Jessica Brown is the AVP Workforce performance at Unlock:OKR. She has a passion for helping organizations and their leaders achieve excellence through their people and processes with her high impact coaching. She is an expert who provides customized solutions on a variety of aspects including: strategic planning, OKRs, organization culture and values, team development, training, diagnosis & assessment, leadership development & coaching, and management of change, talent, performance, and succession.

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