July 01, 2021 10 AM EST

Looking Back to Look Forward: Mid-year Reflection with OKRs

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How often do we realize the importance and the impact of individual OKRs on the organizational vision? It is that time of the year where many major changes are happening. It is the pivotal month for managers and leaders.

Reviewing your work processes to understand what worked and what needs to be worked on, has become important now more than ever. Delaying these changes could be damaging to the whole organization.

Attend our expert webinar on July 01, 10 Am EST with Dr. Jessica Brown and understand how to look back on your year and learn from it.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a quality mid-year reflection
  • What does a quarter review look like?
  • How to do a quality reflection
  • Who should do the OKR reflection?

Featured Speaker:


Dr. Jessica Brown is the AVP Workforce performance at Unlock:OKR. She has a passion for helping organizations and their leaders achieve excellence through their people and processes with her high impact coaching. She is an expert who provides customized solutions on a variety of aspects including: strategic planning, OKRs, organization culture and values, team development, training, diagnosis & assessment, leadership development & coaching, and management of change, talent, performance, and succession.

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