November 23, 2022

How Dreamers Differ from Doers

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How Dreamers Differ from Doers

In the words of Estee Lauder, “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” You must decide if you are a dreamer or a doer. Dreaming to achieve something isn’t enough. You must make efforts and be focused on fulfilling your dreams. For instance, setting OKRs or goals is the same as dreaming of success, where goals are the desired outcomes. Dreams set goals, while doers even accomplish hard and complex goals and objectives. They apply their energy towards attaining success.

In this blog, we discuss a few ways you can leverage your capacity and energy to achieve your OKRs and thus gain extraordinary organizational success.

How to Become a Doer/Achiever

1. Never be Afraid of Experimentation – Set Ambitious Goals

Dreamers paint pictures in their heads, making assumptions about hypothetical situations and thinking about what they would do and how they would act. Typically, this “will” never gets converted into the present tense. In contrast, doer gets up and starts doing something about their dreams. Doers are not afraid to experiment. They take calculative risks and are ready to go all in to get what they want. They set ambitious goals for themselves, which might not be achieved on the first try but helps them get closer to their dreams.

2. Act on Your Plan – Focus, Align

While dreamers are cooking fake scenarios in their heads, doers start marinating their plans. They have ambitious but realistic goals. Doers set priorities amongst their objectives and focus on whatever is most important to them at a point in time. Their objectives are well-aligned and act as a stairway to their success, one step leading to another.

3. Be Consistent – Track Your Progress

Doers believe in putting their work into action and letting their achievements speak. They maintain this state by being persistent. Dreamers think of failure and get depressed, while doers are constant with their efforts even if failure louvers their way. They ensure to track their progress often. Doers fall, learn, get up, and continue to walk. Developing this rhythm between planning, actions, and accountability guarantees success.

4. Stay Proactive – Agility is the Key

Rather than procrastinating your actions like a dreamer, be proactive like doers. While dreamers are busy making excuses, doers keep up with persistence. They often track their progress on their goals and are always ready to be agile. Doers are thus quick to make timely alterations in their action plans and avoid roadblocks in their journey to OKR success. They take charge and keep updating their objectives as the needs shift, unlike dreamers, who expect things to fall into place automatically.

5. Don’t Just Focus on the Journey – Results Matter

Dreamers are only worried about the destination. Rather than focusing on the journey, they should plan to get there. They do not make any attempts to reach their destination. They thus learn nothing and end up being nowhere. On the other hand, doers constantly review their big and small achievements throughout the journey and change their objectives and key results accordingly. They believe in maximizing engagement and receiving constant feedback to better their results.

Key Takeaways

  • Break down long-term organizational goals into actionable elements, define tactics for each quarter, and post that each month.
  • Be persistent about your goal achievement and hitting the milestones you have set for yourself.
  • Evaluate your commitment to value creation in the true sense and your energy and effort levels. They must fine-tune with the success you desire for.
  • Harness the learning, drop your anxiety, stop the replays, and return to your value mission.

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