How to Get Buy-in for OKRs

First, it isn’t easy to give your organization’s current goal strategy an overhaul, and second, it is even difficult to get leadership buy-in for OKRs and goal setting. Many rebuttals from the leadership side and employees show resistance to adapting to the new OKR framework. The key to learning here is overcoming rebuttals, getting the executive buy-in to implement the OKR program successfully, and convincing the team to get on board with OKRs without any challenges. OKRs benefit people at all levels of the organization, and this eBook is about showing these people – the way.

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  • The Challenge of Adoption
  • Common Rebuttals to OKRs
  • Relevance of Getting Leadership Buy-in for OKRs
  • Convincing the Team to Get On board with OKRs
  • Converting Company Goals into OKRs
  • Benefits of OKRs at Different Levels
  • Are you Ready to Ride on with OKRs?

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