The Chief of Staff Playbook

Integral to the success of any organization, the Chief of Staff (COS) acts as the eyes, ears, and strategic partner of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As the COS of your company, you are responsible for ensuring business leaders have what they require to transform high-level strategy into outcomes. That, indeed, is a big job, considering alignment between daily work and goals has emerged as the topmost priority for business leaders. You must align the people doing the work and creating the goals. The Chief of Staff plays a crucial role in keeping leaders aligned, thus guaranteeing everyone is focused and accountable, working towards accomplishing organizational goals.

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  • The Chief of Staff and Organizational Alignment with OKRs
  • Building an OKR Program as The Chief of Staff
  • What Does a Chief of Staff do Around OKRs?
  • Straight from the Gut
  • An OKR Example for the Chief of Staff
  • Navigating Change While Maintaining Vision

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