How to add an individual objective

  • Login to your profile using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the top right corner and click on the plus icon.
  • Select the option “Create a new Objective.”

  • Add the objective title you want. Click on Attributes.
  • Add a description and choose the OKR type.
  • Select the objective type as “Individual.”

  • Enter the start and due dates for the objective. Please note start and due dates can be defined within the organization’s OKR cycle.
  • Save the objective and add key results related to the objective.
  • Click on Attributes of the key result added, add a description, and choose a metric.

  • You may also add a contributor by clicking on
  • As you type the first three letters of the contributor’s name, a list of colleagues will appear. You can then choose your contributor(s) from the list.

  • Save the key results and submit the objective.

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