Difference between All and Team OKRs views in alignment maps

Like the OKR Dashboard, in Alignment Maps, OKRs are mapped to All and Team OKRs.

  • All

This map view shows how the objectives and KRs of one user align with those of others. Simply put, “All” answers “whose objectives one contributes to and who are contributing to a person’s objectives.”

“All” also indicates how the top-level or organizational goals cascade down via individual, team, and department OKRs or even through standalone key results. This lends users insights into how their contributions add to the bigger organizational goal.

  • Team OKRs

Team OKRs map view shows the capability of Unlock:OKR tool to look at key results and OKRs shared among Teams. On this map, team members and team leaders are at the center. The user thus either leads or belongs to the team(s). The user just sees the OKRs of those two groups they lead (or belong to). If OKRs to which a user may be contributing are not a part of these two groups, they will neither be considered nor articulated in this map. In the same way, key results or OKRs contributing to a user’s OKRs, except the Team OKRs of the user, won’t be considered or articulated in the Team OKRs alignment map view. 

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