Navigate OKR dashboard

Login to your Unlock:OKR account using credentials shared with you.

You will then be redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard’s content shows the overall progress of your OKRs (including OKRs created by you and OKRs to which you are a contributor.

OKRs are classified by the following:

  • On Track – How many OKRs are on track, and what is the percentage of the OKRs. This will be depicted in green color.
  • Lagging – How many OKRs are lagging, and what is the percentage of those OKRs. This will be shown in amber color.

    Note: OKRs in the above categories are a few OKRs that will be on track if pushed further.

  • At-Risk – How many OKRs are at risk, and what is the percentage of OKRs at risk. This will be shown in red color. These are a few OKRs that need more attention; otherwise, you may fail to achieve the target by the end of the cycle.
  • Not Started – These are the percentage and counts of the OKRs that the user hasn’t yet started.

Below is the progress dashboard, where you can see all the objectives and key results listed. Only those OKRs that you contribute to or your objectives will be listed here. Against each objective, the dashboard shows the other contributor(s) to the OKRs, besides when the OKRs should be closed (due date) and their progress.

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