How to update the progress of an OKR

All objectives and key results created or contributed by you can be found in your dashboard.

Step 1: Click on the objective to update the progress of the key results, where you already own some target as an owner/contributor.

Step 2: Your objective expands with all the KRs.

Step 3: Once you click on the progress bar of the key result, a box opens.

Step 4: You may use the scroller or add the value inside the given box. You may update the progress in fraction numbers as well.

Step 5: If you wish, add a comment, and click on the tick to save.

Note: You may also tag your peers/manager in the comment box.

If you are the owner of an OKR but do not own a target, you may still add progress for yourself, thus contributing to the overall key result progress.

Step 1:  A drop box opens as you click on the progress bar.

Step 2:  Add your progress in the input box and save.

See Unlock:OKR Live in Action