What are check-ins?

Check-ins are a part of the OKR. They help you keep your manager updated about your weekly whereabouts, like what you worked on, if you faced any challenges, and your focus of work in the upcoming week.

You can think of check-in as a weekly scrum meeting, which helps you record your updates.

Benefits of Check-ins

  • Convenience: Store all your weekly records in one place to refer to them as and when required. Weekly check-ins aid you and your manager stay on top of issues that may crop up when implementing a project.
  • Transparency: Sharing weekly updates brings more transparency to work. It allows you to organize better your thoughts and questions, lending clarity about your work to your manager. With frequent check-ins, you get frequent feedback. Besides, you are assisted by your team wherever required.
  • Quick Solution: Having a frequent check-in aids you in discussing your concerns freely and publicly. It is healthier to have check-ins now and then. Only then can you identify and fix potential issues before they escalate to a higher level.

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