November 24, 2022

OKRs 1-on-1s – Success at Every Step of the OKR Cycle

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OKRs 1-on-1s – Success at Every Step of the OKR Cycle

Here, we are with a series of infographics on the different phases of the OKR cycle and the related activities. The last part discussed weekly tracking OKRs, the first step of OKR execution. This part of the series highlights how to conduct 1-on-1 OKR sessions, the second activity in the execution phase of the OKR cycle.

To begin, let us understand what an OKR cycle is. An OKR cycle is a 3-phased cycle, where each phase consists of a few significant steps that make the phase and the entire cycle successful. When the cycle is repeated, organizations constantly improve and produce the OKR outcomes of Focus, Alignment, Rhythm, and Agility. These four components of success or OKR superpowers are the processes and practices organizations adopt to speed up their performance and accomplish extraordinary results.

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Key Takeaways

  • 1-on-1 meetings are crucial between employees and their managers to understand how employees strategically contribute towards the organization’s goals and where they lag.
  • Such 1-on-1s must take place at least once a month. The aim is to ensure employees have all the adequate resources to complete their OKRs, well-aligned with the organization’s. Challenges, if any, are addressed in such meetings.
  • Conversation, feedback, and recognition are the key outcomes of OKRs 1-on-1s, helping to make the employee more productive and focused on accomplishing the overarching organizational objectives.

Stay tuned to learn about Team OKR meetings, the third activity in the execution phase.

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