Glossary Aspirational OKR/Stretch Goal/Moonshot Goal

What is an Aspirational OKR?

An aspirational OKR refers to a goal that further sets the standard for success. This type of OKR enhances a team’s ability to execute its strategies in a specific quarter. When employees set such high goals that seem almost impossible, they are called 10x goals, stretch goals, or moonshot goals. Aspirational OKRs must stay on a team OKR’s list till the time team accomplishes them. If you attain meaningful progress, falling short on an aspirational OKR does not look bad. The same is expected. In short, aspirational OKRs are the most idealistic ones.

Business Benefits of Aspirational OKRs

  1. Help teams steadily progress over time toward a seemingly impossible target.
  2. Contribute to the growth and success of an organization.
  3. Aid teams focus on well-defined organizational goals.
  4. Allow you to resolve interim issues within your company.
  5. Attract the best talent across the globe.

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